NAME Product render
    CLIENT Personal Work
    YEAR 2016
    TYPE 3D

    Particular attention has been paid to the details and the yeld of the wood, representing the veins in the various faces of the piece of furniture.
    Light created with “ies”. and “hdri” files for a more precise simulation of reality.
    Pictorial work created by the artist Cristina Zanchetta.

    Particolare attenzione è stata degicata al dettagli ed alla resa del legno, rappresentando le venature nelle varie faccie del mobile.
    Luce realizzata con files “ies” e “hdri” per una più precisa simulazione della realtà. Opera pittorica realizzata dall’artista Cristina Zanchetta.

    RENDER design & object

    3DS MAX oftware for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and visualization


    Vray computer-generated imagery rendering software application


    PHOTOSHOP image elaboration software


    CREATIVITY essential ingredient for quality

    design by
    Francesca Scarpa

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