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    Project Details

    NAME Logo
    CLIENT Carole Decor
    YEAR 2020
    TYPE Graphic

    Graphic, chic and contemporary style for this lettering LOGO of an interior design brand !

    Stile grafico, chic e contemporaneo per questo LOGO “lettering” per un brand di interior design !

    logo_slogan - Quad

    LOGO brand & visual identity

    A STACK OF LEAVES AND PENCILS  the best creative orygin


    ILLUSTRATOR    ADOBE software for the digital vector elaboration draw


    GEOMETRIC FORMS    and creative puzzle solution


    REALIZE COSTUMER’S VISION    for everything else there is mastercard


    The Logo is composed of a lettering pictogram with a geometric and rational presence, accompanied by a refined and balanced naming and a pay-off with a strong character that completes the composition by creating depth and hierarchy games.

    Logo composto da un pittogramma a lettering dalla forte presenza geometrica e razionale, accompagnato da un naming raffinato ed equilibrato ed un pay-off dal forte carattere che completa la composizione del logo creando spessore e giochi di gerarchie.

    design by
    Francesca Scarpa

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